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Consensys, Digix, Plutus, Maker, Augur, String, Velocity, SingularDTV, Gnosis, uPort, Balanc3, Golem, and other projects: Can we as a community get your stance on whether you’re building on ETH or ETC?

ETC is playing rough and they are not something to ignore anymore. We have to stay together in this. IMO, projects should signal about which chain they choose to build on at this moment. It is of importance now to show our potential project synergy, as it is the major difference between the ETH and ETC network.
Projects confirmed on ETH: Ethereum Foundation, Digix, Maker, Colony, AKASHA, ROULΞTH, Plutus, REIDAO, vDice, SingularDTV, Braveno, Etheropt, otlw, Etherdelta, Swarm, Gnosis, Augur, Velocity, FreeMyVunk, RealityKeys, Golem, EOL, ConsenSys, ICONOMI, EthSlurp, Decibel.LIVE, cPay, Rex, DinarDirham, Embark, Dindle (Decentralised eBook Market), uPort
Projects confirmed on ETC: Stampery (cross chain Bitcoin project), Daemon Dark Market
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Update on the projects that are "100% on ETH"

An update from my earlier post ( I’m happy to add any projects that are still missing.
Projects confirmed on ETH: Ethereum Foundation, Digix, Maker, Colony, AKASHA, ROULΞTH, Plutus, REIDAO, vDice, SingularDTV, Braveno, Etheropt, otlw, Etherdelta, Swarm, Augur, Velocity, FreeMyVunk, RealityKeys, Golem, EOL, ConsenSys (TransactiveGrid, UJO Music, Gnosis, uPort, PokerETH (Provable fair online poker game)), ICONOMI, EthSlurp, Decibel.LIVE, cPay, Rex, DinarDirham, Embark, Dindle (Decentralised eBook Market), Ownage, Sphere10 Software, KingOfTheEther, CommunityBlockChain
Projects confirmed on ETC: Stampery (cross chain Bitcoin project), Daemon Dark Market
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Bonehead's Ethereum News to Come (Updated)

NEWs To Come - last updated - April 5th, 2016
Ethereum’s ecosystem is growing so quickly, very exciting news has a habit of coming out of nowhere. That said, there are more than a few things to have on our radar. Thanks to help from this community, here’s a current list. As always, what am I missing?
Ethereum Blockchain Development
Other news we know will happen
Coin relays and interoperability
One very powerful aspect of Ethereum’s blockchain is it allows both formal relays between blockchains as well as general interoperability between chains. Relays allow Ethereum to empower other blockchains, basically letting these more classic chains (like Bitcoin and Dogecoin) use Ethereum as a service for smart contracts. This “bonded sidechain” is more powerful/flexible path to using smart contracts than building non-currency agnostic chains. Similarly, interoperability is a classic concept in software development with over 30 years of history. Ethereum’s Virtual Machine (EVM) greatly facilitates multi-chain interoperability – which could allow private chains to communicate with Ethereum’s public chain. Basically, Ethereum facilitates “chaining all the things”. In other words, even future private chains could interoperate with the Ethereum public blockchain to have a gateway between their secured private chain and the more global public chain. Private chain development is a GOOD thing under this model, even if that private chain is not an Ethereum fork.
Current examples
Public Dapps and/or ventures to keep an eye on
Ethereum ecosystem is growing in unbelievable way with well over a 100 DApps. Below are some DApps and ventures that have been commonly discussed and seem to be generating news sooner than later.
Many of Ethereum's 100+ DApps will fail, but it only takes one to succeed to bring Ethereum to the mainstream. That said, sadly, there will also be scams. We should never forget Bitcoin's NeoBee or any of the MANY failed exchanges. As a community, we'll want to keep a close eye out in more ways than one. Be enthusiastic but critical - with transparency being absolutely key to trust.
Developer tools to keep an eye on
Ether ATMs
Embedded Devices
Potential surprises that are not really surprises
Parting statement
Ethereum has essentially a monopoly on smart contracts, and from the list above, it should be clear that it has built a remarkable network effect around this ecosystem. It is a disruptive technology, that fosters synergies, and when put in a greater perspective, it’s market cap remains quite tiny, especially when you think of the relative size of the growing community.
Please let me know if there is something you'd like to see.
You can support my ETH sleuthing addiction:
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Amazing news to come - an updated list

EDIT Updated List Here
If we learned anything about Ethereum in the last month, it's that amazing news happens out of no where. That said, we also know about news on the horizon. Here's my updated list of expected news to come. As always, what am I missing?
News we know will happen
Other Dapps and/or ventures with momentum to keep an eye on
Potential surprises that are not really surprises
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Announcing a collaboration between FreeMyVunk and Digix!

The FreeMyVunk Movement would like to announce a collaboration with Digix! The announcement was made in the following article:
We couldn't be happier to work with such a secure platform to deliver Ethereum wallets to video game players all over the world. Your vunk (virtual junk) will now have all the security and transparency as that which is applied to physical real world gold! And as an additional perk, Digix gold tokens will be supported as a premiere payment option on our FreeMyVunk Marketplace, the center of the Metaverse for virtual commerce and trade between virtual worlds. For the first time, virtual objects can be frictionlessly traded with anyone in the world and converted into physical gold!
Anyone interested in joining the FreeMyVunk Movement is encouraged to contact us through our website Beginning January 1, 2016 the FreeMyVunk Movement will begin rewarding people who spread the word through social media with our community token called VUNK (all caps). Now everyone can own a stake in the movement and accumulate VUNK for their involvement.
We have some fantastic announcements soon to come, so watch this space!
Tyler Co-Founder FreeMyVunk Movement
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An exciting list of the next-generation Decentralized world's projects/orgs that're abuzz :)

Edit: Please feel free to throw some more at me. Apologies for the loose groupings and super messed up format. Anything that seems pronounced is unintentional.
Ethereum, The Ethereum Foundation, EthCore * Devcon0,1,2 * TheDAO, MakerDAO (DAI), DigixDAO (DGX) * Marker, DigixGlobal *, (USN) Universal Sharing Network, The Ethereum Computer* Ether.Camp, EthChamps, Etherplan, Etherscan, Etherchain, *,, daohub
IPFS * Swarm * Trezor * Casper, Fatso, POS, Serenity * Ouishare * Weifund * Golem * * Electron * Otonomos * Whisper * Ethereal* —————————————————— Consensys, Uport, RepSys, Transgrid Balanc3, Blockapps, Boardroom, DAO Wars, EtherPoker EtherSign, Hunchgame,Inflekt, JustASec.XYZ, UJO Music, SINGULAR DTV *
Mist, Jaxx, Myetherwallet * ————————————————————————,, Boardroom

Augur, GroupGnosis * Bitnation, Bitbastion * Akasha Project * EtherEx * Provenance* REX (MLS) * Hermicity * Plutus.It, PluDAO, PluDEX * myHEalthIRL * Velocity Markets * YoursNetwork * Chronicled Open Source * POI (Proof of Individuality) Project * TheRudimental * FreeMyVunk, Ownage * CAPSOL* Etherplan* ESports Bets* Rubix* Dapple* MetaMask* Etherea, Etheria* Etherboard* Etherparty* EthenianDAO * Decibel.LIVE * WeBuy * Memetic Project * Tronn * Decentralized Manufacturing Network * Safemarket * Arcade City *

(and so much more at

Urbit * Zeronet * BigchainDB * IPDB * IPFS * Tahoe-LAFS * * Storj * The SAFE Network, Maidsafe * Encrypt/Certbot (EFF)* Nodesphere * SwellRT *
Cyber.Fund * CoMakery * EdgeD, 'Croquet' * FactChain, Artefactual Systems * * The Dat Project * COALA * * Open Media * UnMonastary * Protocal Labs * Indie Web * Joloocom *
Tor, I2P, Freenet * Meshnet * Taler * CJDNS Bittorrent, Webtorrent *

Brave Browser, Mozilla

Waxiang Group * Sreda Blockstack * Interledger * Blockstream * Hyperledger * R3, Corda * Eris Industries *

Tendermint, GNUClear *

Bitcoin, Rootstock, OpenBaazar, Lightning * Zcash, Bitshares - Obits, Monero, Dash, Ripple * Lisk, Wavesplatform, Counterparty, Factom * Namecoin, Peercoin * Gridcoin, BOINC*, Steem

Coinbase, OKcoin, Circle * Gatecoin, Kraken, Bittrex, Poloinex * Openledger, EtherEX, MakerOTC
Ethernet Square *
Edit: alsoooo...
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CAPSOL: flash crowdsale coming very soon

you can find most of the information below at our website (link at bottom of post). I am writing a post instead of just linking the website in order to create an open discourse.
CAPSOL is a mobile cloudcaching app. We're trying to take geocaching to the next level; find and leave CAPSOLs containing cryptocurrencies and personal messages. Each CAPSOL is associated with a specific latitude and longitude. CAPSOL itself could work as a standalone form of geocaching (cloudcaching) or a companion app, allowing geocachers to reward the community by leaving funds, hints, or feedback. Opening a CAPSOL requires 1 WELS (井). WELS are a custom token we are introducing to the Ethereum blockchain. I am very excited to bring to you the opportunity to take part in an application that will facilitate multiple goals:
To break it down simply, user actions would fall into one of two categories:
Claiming CAPSOLs triggers System CAPSOLs to be tossed around areas where CAPSOLs are being authored by users. This is to reward both claiming (to cause the system to disperse funds) and tossing (to attract the system funds). Additionally, the author of a CAPSOL gets 0.1 WELS when they toss the CAPSOL and 0.2 WELS when someone claims their CAPSOL. Ten percent of funds deposited into CAPSOLs are put into the system. The more CAPSOL authors in your locale, the more chance of System CAPSOLs being dispersed near you. CAPSOL attempts to reward active communities.
Messages are publicly visible within a certain physical radius without needing to be claimed. When a CAPSOL is claimed it is deleted forever. We are attempting to give users freedom and create an abstract virtual graffiti wall - CAPSOLs are authored anonymously and are unmoderated therefore the content is 100% in the hands of the community; we want to give users a tool not a rule-book. Here is a custom game we thought of:
Nietzche Poker:
We are opening the first round of our crowdsale very, very soon; this is essentially a WELS token pre-sale. CAPSOL will be integrated with FreeMyVunk in order to promote true ownership in the domain of gaming. The exact details of the integration are still being discussed, but we envision being able to place (and obtain) game assets directly from CAPSOLs. This would provide some pretty nifty promotional opportunities for game developers and publishers. WELS are backed by Ether and you can cash out your WELS for their current estimated market value (= Ether Balance of Token Contract/WELS in circulation). Token Contracts Ether Balance includes funds from the crowdsale and funds deposited into CAPSOLs. We expect to have CAPSOL ready in May or June of 2016, depending on crowdsale support.
Lets assume the crowdsale reaches $500,000. Fifty percent will go towards development and the rest will be deposited directly into the CAPSOL system. 25 million WELS would be minted and distributed to investors (based on their contribution). Each System CAPSOL would contain ~$100 initially (upper limit is 100 eth per 10 locations of activity)! Crowdsale WELS price would be 0.05 eth ($0.01, or $1 per 井1). If WELS holders sell for any price above $0.01 they will profit. If users obtain their WELS for anything less than $1/ea and use them to claim System CAPSOLs, they will profit.
Currently CAPSOL is on Android in a non-crypto integrated state. Our next update will include integration with the blockchain. After that we will be adding iOS support. Development is expensive and time consuming and we are running this crowdsale in hopes of being able to sustain dedicated development for the foreseeable future. We have most of the heavy lifting of development done and are now cementing down the nuiances - in the meantime we need a graphic designer, marketing team, iOS devices, and coffee. We also need feedback from the community, so if you have any feature requests, ideas, or advice let us know! Personally, my goal is to be a developer for the people. I want to make things that people want. I am taking a leap of faith that that is what the people want too.
We will be running two rounds of crowdsale. The first round is the cheapest (0.05 eth per 井1) but is a flashsale and will last only THREE DAYS! The second round will last a month and the price per WELS for that round is still to be determined. The Crowdsale contract is integrated with the Token contract and has an endpoint for the application logic contract so we can make it as robust as needed. If the crowdsale does not reach its soft goal by the deadline, it will self destruct and refund all investors their eth. The token contract has a field for keeping track of the application logic contract so that the system can be updated as needed. This contract is still being developed and some functionality may be added or amended. The soft goal for the first round (current) crowd sale is 5,000 eth.
If you have any questions, you know where the comments section is. I'm happy to answer anything I can! As I mentioned, I want to make applications for you. If you would like to stay updated, sign up for our newsletter at
tl;dr Virtual geocaching with Ether and game assets. Flash crowdsale soon. Give your feedback to influence the direction of the app, ask questions if I was unclear about anything
EDIT 1: I am going to actively monitor this thread for the continued development of CAPSOL and will refrain from making another post until the second round crowdsale and launch. I'm also going to add some long-term returns for those who invest in the first crowd sale. The logic contract will be developed during and after the flash sale; this round of sale is raising capital and it will be at the very least a few weeks more before CAPSOL is ready for mass consumption. I am attempting to take a slow roll approach to getting the word out; if you have any friends who you feel are insightful or creative and might have something useful to add please send them to this thread.
EDIT 2 (5/14): Official answer of how we're going to address "cheating" and automation. The strength is not in any of the following alone, but together they should make "cheating" very difficult and neither viable nor sustainable:
EDIT 3 (5/26): WELS Presale is live! Summarized the ROI opportunities here
WELS Presale: 0x1b089933d0903d463569dda17ae998ba86b2ab62
Ends near midnight (Central) 5/29
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Anticipated upcoming exciting news?

News we know will happen
Other Dapps and/or ventures with momentum to keep an eye on
Potential surprises that are not really surprises
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Devcon1 deep links to YouTube videos

Greetings all. I was enraptured this whole week by Ethereum Devcon1 videos and I wanted to revisit many of the sessions, so I created an archive of links for each day (except day 1). Hope you like.


(Video was pulled by Sony Music, I think? So we are waiting on a replacement video)


Roman Mandeleil
Announcing Ethereum Blockchain as a Service (Eth-BaaS)
Marley Gray
BlockApps STRATO
Victor Wong, Kieren James-Lubin, Jim Hormuzdiar
BlockApps are written in Javascript
Ryan Reich
How blockchain technology can help us achieve prosperity
Don Tapscott
Building a DApp: Writing contracts
Christian Reitwiessner
Building a DApp: Design Principles for Dapp developers
Alex Van de Sande
Building a DApp: What are DApps and why Meteor
Fabian Vogelsteller
Contract-Oriented Programming: Modularity, Extensibility, & Security
Peter Borah
Writing safe smart contracts
Christian Reitwiessner
DApp Design Patterns
Joris Bontje
Panel: Ethereum Dapp Development Frameworks Session (Truffle, Embark, Dapple, Populus, BlockApps)
Tim Coulter, Konstantin Kudryavtsev, Ryan Casey, Piper Merriam, Kristoffer Josefsson
Lightning Talk: HitFin
Patrick Salami
Lightning Talk: Learning Ethereum & How to navigate the community
Hudson Jameson
Lightning Talk: Reality Keys
Edmund Edgar
Lightning Talk: Provably honest oracle service
Thomas Bertani
Simon de la Rouviere
Arkadiy Paronyan
Panel: Middleware & on-chain Services
Roman Mandeleil, Piper Merriam, Christian Lundkvist, Joseph Chow, Nikolai Mushegian moderated by George Hallam


Alex Leverington
Understanding the Ethereum Blockchain Protocol
Vitalik Buterin
Towards a Globally Scalable Blockchain Cryptocurrency
Guest Speaker: Jordan MacLeod
Ethereum Alarm Clock
Piper Merriam
Securing Ethereum: One does not simply build a blockchain from scratch
Jutta Steiner, Gustav Simonsson
Embark – DApps Framework
Konstantin Kudryavtsev (for Iuri Matias)
Panel: Standardization
Vitalik, Gavin, Fabian Vogelsteller, Nikolai Mushegian, Christian Lundkvist
Progressing toward the Ethereum Light Client
Zsolt Felfoldi
Shh! Whisper.
Gavin Wood
Panel: Ethereum Clients
Heiko Hees, Gavin Wood, Jeffrey Wilcke, Martin Becze, Roman Mandeleil, Jim Hormuzdiar
Tim Coulter
Weifund & Boardroom
Nick Dodson
ENS (Ethereal Namespace)
Ryan Casey
HydraChain: Permissioned distributed ledgers based on Ethereum
Heiko Hees
Digix Global: Assets on the Ethereum Blockchain
KC Chng (video recording)
Utkarsh Verma (video recording)
Lightning Talk: A New Way to Work
Owen Barnes
Lightning Talk: A P2P blockchain economy for travel services
John Robert
Nano-payments on Ethereum
Piotr Janiuk


Jack Peterson
Nikolai Mushegian, Kat Obermeyer
Martin Koppelmann, Stefan George
Liquidity on Blockchains with Batch Auctions and Smart Markets
Casey Detrio
Synthetic Assets
Dominic Williams
Smart Bonds
Stephan Karpischek, Ian Cusden (UBS)
FreeMyVunk: Join the movement
R. Tyler Smith
ujo Music
Phil Barry
Matan Field
Panel: Gaming on the Blockchain
Wendell Davis, Peter Borah, Julian Pittleman, Jim Berry, Vinay Gupta. Tyler Smith
Christoph Jentzsch
Rebuilding Enterprise Processes with Blockchains and Smart Contracts
Matthew Spoke, Deloitte
Balanc3: Triple Entry Accounting
Jeff Scott Ward, Christian Lundkvist
Inflekt: Event & Community Management
Ashley Taylor, Marian Oancea
Decentralized Reddit
Connor Keenan
Jack de Rose
Ethereum: The African Opportunity (Nairobi)
Wayne Hennessy-Barrett
Niran Babalola
Panel: Prediction Markets
Edmund Edgar, Vitalik Buterin, Jack Peterson, Martin Koppelmann, Moderator: Stefano Bertolo


History of the Blockchain
Nick Szabo
Ethereum & Internet of Things with Ubuntu Core
Maarten Ectors
Ethereum in the Enterprise Environment
Taylor Gerring
Towards a Dynamic Economic, Social and Political Mesh
Joseph Lubin
Deconfusing Decentralization
Greg Slepak
Ethereum for Dummies
Gavin Wood
DEVgrants Update
Wendell Davis
Panel: The Pathway to Ethereum Adoption
Joseph Lubin, William Mougayar, Vinay Gupta, Gavin Wood
Agreement Making in Solidity: A Legal Perspective
Bill Marino
Communicating the Ethereum Narrative
William Mougayar
Myths and Facts of Reputation Systems
Andre Junge
Blockchain Model Canvas
Adi Chikara
Demo of Etheria
Panel: Banking with Smart Contracts
Lee Braine, Ian Cusden, Andrew Keys, James Slazas, Ian Cusden, Rex Maudsley
Wanxiang Blockchain Labs Grant Program
Vitalik Buterin
Basic Income (Circles)
Martin Koppelmann
IBM MTN Project
Henning Diedrich
Transactive Grid: A decentralized energy managment solution
Lawrence Orisini
Insurance on the blockchain
Elias Haase
Jessi Baker
Dangerous Old Men: cypherpunk's failure, Ethereum's success
Vinay Gupta
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Ethereum Mist Wallet Demonstration Mist 0.3.9 Private Key Import Tutorial Ethereum Mist 0.3.9 Paper Wallet Import Tutorial How to setup an ethereum wallet? Tyler Smith Talks About Ethereum DevCon1 & Free My Vunk at Houston Bitcoin Meetup

Blockchain is used to implement a data management system and its analysis. Factom – captures information, maintains databases and stores them.. Government agencies, large companies, and non-profit organizations provide entries in the system with tags to reduce management and audit costs. Tyler Smith Talks About Ethereum DevCon1 & Free My Vunk at Houston Bitcoin Meetup. Ce sujet a été supprimé. Seuls les utilisateurs avec les droits d'administration peuvent le voir. sangoku Etherian dernière édition par . Youtube Video. Répondre Citer 0. 1 réponse Dernière réponse . Charger plus de messages. 1 Messages. A platform is defined by its use cases. If great apps appear, the platform is judged a success. If not, the platform disappears into the dustbin of computer history. So I went looking for the emerging DAPPS (decentralized apps) coming out of the Ethereum platform. DAPPS look like normal apps. That is deliberate. Ethereum made […] Freemyvunk is a platform that allows gamers to trade their VUNK (virtual junk) in a fair and trustless way through a secondary market. The currency for purchasing game products can be stored in user’s game wallet. ... Ethereum can be used to codify, decentralize, secure and trade things like voting, domain names, financial exchanges ... The platform exists in the form of a blockchain based on Ethereum, whose tokens (VUNK) act as the currency of exchange. The authors of the idea suggest that all gamers in the world join forces, join the network and earn VUNK, including through tweets and referral invitations.

[index] [1089] [1311] [580] [1946] [4375] [1270] [5946] [4548] [2489] [7113]

Ethereum Mist Wallet Demonstration

Ethereum For Investors #1 - How To Convert Ethereum IPO (Presale) ... Free My VUNK 2,407 views. 2:33. Coinbase to Ethereum Mist Wallet - Duration: 6:24. Joshua Fausset 17,544 views. 1. Faucet collect Ethereum every 10 minutes 2. Faucet collect Ethereum every 15 minutes 3. Faucet collect Ethereum ... Unsubscribe from Free My VUNK? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 38. ... How to Restore or Recover Your Ethereum Wallet - Duration: 13:28. Rex Kneisley 15,262 views ... Ethereum Mist 0.3.9 Paper Wallet Import Tutorial - Duration: 5:37. Free My VUNK 5,610 views. 5:37. How to transfer from an exchange to MyEtherWallet MEW and around - Duration: 4:35. A simple follow up video to my previous Ethereum pool mining video. This time in 1080P and better audio! Mist -